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US Transmissions is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, and maintenance for all Allison On Highway Transmissions.

About the T Series

Allison Transmission’s Torqmatic® Series is a line of fully automatic transmissions specifically designed for the unique demands of city and suburban buses and tour coaches with engine ratings up to 410 kW (550 hp). With up to six forward speeds and one reverse, the Torqmatic series is designed for easy, efficient operation. The Torqmatic Series is equipped with an optional retarder, shallow and deep sump options and 5th Generation advanced electronic controls for optimized operation and prognostics capabilities.

The “T” Series transmission are similar to the Allison “B” series transmissions, except they are designated for transmissions outside of North America.


Features of the Allison Torqmatic “T” Series Transmission

  • Fully automatic up to 6  forward speeds

  • Close ratio gearing

  • Retarder option

  • Advanced electronic controls:  Shift Energy Management, High-density start-stop calibrations, Prognostics, FuelSense® 2.0, xFE

  • Torque converter for smooth vehicle launch from a stop

  • Lockup clutch for efficient power transfer once the vehicle is moving


Applicable Vocations

  • Coach

  • Transit + City Bus

Learn more about the Allison Torqmatic Series via the Allison Transmission site.

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