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US Transmissions is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, and maintenance for all Allison On Highway Transmissions.

About the MT Series

The Allison MT series transmission is available as a 4 speed (MT643) or 5 speed (5 speed) unit. Designed for use with large bore gasoline and mid-range diesel engines up to 250 nhp (186 kW). Clutches are multidisc design, oil-cooled, hydraulically-operated, and self-compensating for normal wear. Spur-type planetary gears are designed for strength, quietness, and long life. Automatic lockup clutch, throttle-modulated for maximized fuel economy and enhanced engine braking. Automatic upshifting and downshifting within each drive range.

Built-in inhibitors prevent downshifts or shifts into reverse unless vehicle speed is within an acceptable range.

Features of the Allison MT Series Transmission

  • Fully automatic up to 5 forward speeds

  • Lockup

  • Retarder provision

  • Direct engine mount or remote mount

  • Power takeoff drive provision

  • Neutral start, reverse signal, speedometer, and parking brake provision

  • Multiple Torque converter ratios to mathc engine

  • 3 element torque converter for smooth shock free operation

Applicable Vocations

  • Motorhome
  • School Bus

  • P&D Truck

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Refuse Truck

  • Stake Truck

  • Transit

  • Mixer Tanker Truck

  • Dump Truck

  • Utility Truck

  • Municipal Truck

  • Snow Plow

  • Tractor Trailer

  • Flat Bed Wrecker

  • Short Haul Tractor

  • Beverage Truck

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