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US Transmissions is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, and maintenance for all Allison On Highway Transmissions.

About the HT Series

The HT700 transmission family consists of numerous four-speed and five-speed models with a choice of hydraulic or electronic shift controls. All models are fully automatic and torque converter driven.

The shift controls, whether hydraulic or electronic, provide automatic gear selection in each range. For the HT Series transmission, Allison combined the efficiency of our smaller gearboxes with the outstanding durability of our proven powershifts. The result was a heavy duty transmission that could handle heavy loads and strenuous duty cycles, with a shift schedule designed for efficient on/off-highway operation. Allison HT Series transmissions are ideally suited to taxing applications like Construction, Refuse, and Fire Apparatus. They have proven durable in a wide variety of heavy-duty cycles and are just as efficient off-road as they are on-highway.

Features of the Allison B Series Transmission

  • Fully automatic up to 5 forward speeds

  • Lockup

  • Converter Driven or Engine drive PTO option

  • Retarder option

  • Powershift option available

  • Dual mode option available

  • Neutral start and reverse signal provision

  • Parking brake option

  • Multiple Torque converter ratios

Applicable Vocations

  • Dump Truck

  • Refuse Hauler Lowboy Truck

  • Hook & Ladder Truck Transit Mixer

  • Fire Truck

  • Rear Loader (Refuse)

  • Agricultural

  • Construction Equipment

  • Hauler Wrecker (Tandem Axle)

  • Logging Truck

  • Public Utility (All Wheel Drive Tandem Axle)

  • Other Applications Available

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