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Off Highway Allison Twin Disc Powershift Transmission Model TRT2421

US Transmissions is an Allison Transmission authorized service center.

We provide reman units, parts, repair, maintenance, and installation for the Allison  TT/TRT series transmissions.

About the TG Series

Allison TT (Twin Turbine) Series transmission consists of a 4 element converter that transmits power from the engine to the transmission gearing through two sets of turbine gears. When torque is in high demand, the freewheel clutch is engaged and the first turbine, assisted by the second turbine, drives the range gears.  Once vehicle speed increases and torque demand decreases sufficiently, the second turbine assumes the entire load and the freewheel clutches disengages. This transition from high torque to high speed is automatic.  The most common applications for TT/TRT series transmissions are Front End Wheel Loaders, Deck Winches, Cranes, Material Handling Equipment, Compactors, Tractor Pulls, and Skidders.


Features of the Allison TT/TRT Series Transmission

  • TT Series = 2 forward ranges, 1 reverse range

  • TRT Series= 2 forward ranges, 2 reverse ranges

  • Internal Brake option

  • Inching, Air or hydraulic controls

  • Multiple converter series and ratios

  • Long Drop or Short Drop

  • Remote or direct engine mount

  • Converter Driven PTO

  • Output Driven PTO

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