Allison Off Highway M / MG Series

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Off Highway Allison Twin Disc Powershift Transmission Model TRT2421

US Transmissions is an Allison Transmission authorized service center. We provide reman units, parts, repair, maintenance, and installation for the Allison Marine Gear Series transmissions.

About the Allison Marine Gear (MG) Series

The Allison marine  transmission includes one constant mesh, straight spur gear planetary assembly that enables the transmission to rotate in forward when forward clutch is engaged and reverse when reverse clutch is engaged.

The marine gears were designed for Personal Pleasure Cruising Crafts to Heavy Duty Work/Crew Boats.

Off Highway Allison Twin Disc Twin Turbine Series Transmission

Features of the Allison Marine Gear Series Transmission

  • Horsepower range 230HP – 720 HP

  • Multiple Gear Ratios

  • Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Rotation

  • Intergral Sump

Models: M10A, M10B, M11R, M15R, M17L, M17R, M20L, M20R, MH20L, MH20R, MH25L, MH25R, MH30L, MH30R, MH37L, MH37R, MH45L, MH45R

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